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Thirteen bitter sweets.
Thirteen bitter suspects.
One unhappy ending.

World-famous Chandler's Chocolates has unveiled a new storybook-inspired chocolate collection, Once Upon a Truffle. It's up to Anna Clementine, the company's event coordinator, to promote the product by hosting a fairytale-themed beauty pageant.

To set the scene, contestants are invited to an abandoned castle deep in the Smoky Mountains. After all, every little girl dreams of being a princess in a palace- unless that castle turns out to be haunted. Anna soon finds herself in a cursed castle, surrounded by spoiled princesses, villainous parents, and a killer. What started as a fairytale has ended in a nightmare.

While thirteen suspects, characters in their own right, are accused of a big, bad murder, Anna's event has blown into chaos. Humpty Dumpty's been pushed, Bo Peep lost her sheep, and the dish ran away with the hired help.

Can Anna save the enchanted event and unmask the killer before it's time to crown a queen? Or, will the killer strike again on live television?
Spoiler: Not everyone lives happily ever after.

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Play Along!

Each of the thirteen suspects coordinates to a chocolate in the collection. Use the candy box graphic inside the book to keep tallies of the accused. Then discover chapter by chapter which suspects are eliminated.

Can you guess whodunnit before the chapters dwindle down to one?

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