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Thirteen chocolates. Thirteen heirs. One stab at a decadent fortune.
Legendary chocolatier, Ulysses Chandler has died, leaving his historic Smoky mountain mansion and world-famous chocolate factory behind. Single mom, Anna Clementine, has left her minimum-wage waitress job to collect an inheritance from a man she never met.
The catch? There are twelve other heirs, with twelve outrageous personalities...and one of them doesn't like to share.

Readers are invited to play along with this classic whodunit, where one by one, chapter by chapter, suspects and chocolates disappear.
Until, then there is one.
And it’s the killer.

#1 Best

"Think Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, and throw in a little Willy Wonka, and you've got the dysfunctional assortment of characters and twisted plot of Thirteen Chocolates..." 

Amazon ~Beagle Girl

"...I must say I was enthralled by this book - I could not put it down!"

Amazon ~NabooksSL


"If you thought Wonka was a trip then woo-wee, sugar, hold on to your pants for this jaw-dropping ride!"

Amazon ~Amber Rose

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